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Falling Stars

How many stars fell from the sky
that night,
and fell and fell
like rain,
like fireworks
to blaze and die;
they fell, they rained
soft on hard earth
and no-one seemed
to mind or care
to search and find
the place on which
they lay spent
of their brilliance -
or did they pass
the rim of earth
to sink in space
from whence they came
with spies perhaps
to spy on us
in borrowed light
and time and silence.

Or did they fall,
down dash
without a splash
into the wide
Atlantic deep
Sargass …
Sargasso Sea,
into its wheeling
waving weed
and through to
deepest Caribbean blue -
or maybe drop
their fire off
Friendly Islands’
Bora Bora’s
turquoise waters,
Raiatea and Moorea,
just to light
their deeps at night
with shining,
shining bright.

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