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Born London, UK, 1937. Educated in lean, bomb-damaged, post-war years in City of London School for Girls, Blackfriars.

Attended Hotel Management course for two years in 1953, followed by a challenging, funny and eventful summer 1955 in Wisbech as cook to an International Student farm camp. Spent a year in Geneva and French Haute Savoie as ‘au pair’ brushing up French to become an air hostess. Found flying disturbing. Was grounded to four years working in curious classical music shop off Oxford Street, London. Married a Parisien ‘fellow-traveller’ and emigrated with him to Australia 1960 - 1963 for £10, sailing the seven seas on the way there and back via Suez and Panama canals. Divorced and became more seriously interested in writing poetry.

Worked for Southern Counties Car Auctions operating from the old railway station at Alexandra Palace, going up above the station in 1964 to join the BBC TV News Unit on the end of Ally Pally. Spent six years with BBC as news typist, tele-prompt operator and producer’s secretary. Met and married an Israeli engineer 1970 and emigrated to Israel in 1973 with 1933 Rolls Royce, caravan and two sons, in time for the Yom Kippur War. Returned to UK in 1977 with four sons and autobiography of that period, “Going Up, Going Down”, 2006. Edited local country magazine with monthly editorials for twenty-one years with subsequent “Monthly Letters from Middle England”.

Ten years were spent studying philosophy purely for pleasure with Oxford’s Paul Beecham through the 1980s. Graduated in Art History 2002 at Oxford Brookes, dabbling for a year in anthropology. Currently writing exhibition catalogue essays for the extraordinary New York abstract painter, Jeffrey Kroll. Great loves are music, writing, art, travelling, gardening, cooking, choral singing, Radio 4, meeting people and of course the family.

Currently live on the edge of the Cotswolds, edge of everything.





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